• american-doctor-barcelona

American doctor in Barcelona available for:

Medical care for English-speaking patients, by appointment with an American doctor

  • Medical visit in English regarding present illness, any past illnesses and treatment
  • Physical examination during the appointment
  • Orders for laboratory tests and/or imaging studies if necessary
  • Referral to English-speaking specialist, if necessary
  • Prescriptions and Instructions for care in English
  • Documents in English for your doctor or insurance company at home

Medical care for tourists by appointment with an American doctor

  • An appointment for a medical problem interfering with the plans for the visit in Barcelona, the health and safety of the patient or a need to decide whether to continue the trip or return home
  • An appointment for follow-up of the patient’s habitual medical care that requires a visit or a lab test to inform the doctor at home
  • Documents for your insurance company to justify a medical problem, a treatment or a change in travel plans

Office appointment for physical examination and documents for students and employees

  • Employment abroad or in Spain (certificado médico)
  • Study abroad program requiring physical examination, required lab tests, vaccination records, a letter to justify indications for medication while abroad, if necessary
  • Appointment for Travel (advised 4-6 weeks before travel) with a review of the medical history, physical examination, discussion of required and advised vaccinations, prescriptions for travel, a letter justifying medication during travel and prescriptions for prophylactic medications for exposure to illness during travel.

Medical care for Expatriates

  • An appointment for review of the medical history and medication, and a physical examination
  • Enable continuation of care for the patient with necessary lab tests and prescriptions in English
  • Advice on age-specific tests and vaccines.
  • Local insurance accepted when the patient’s coverage and doctor’s arrangement with the insurance company coincide